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Reality Check

Reality Check

It's less than a year since I fully finished in my previous role and started out full time at home with my son. My plan was never to run a business full time and mind my son full time, my plan was to have a little side business in the area of childrens birthday parties (something I could do in the evening) and care for my boy every day! I have learned recently, my plans never go to plan!! 😂

I feel privileged that I've gotten this opportunity and that my husband has been so supportive as well, but there are still hard days.  My son used to nap for up to three hours and I would have the most productive three hours of my life! That disappeared for a while and oh my word, the days were long! We've never really been TV people in this house but there have been times around the launch period where Masha And The Bear was pulled out more than I would normally allow 🙈Some people may frown upon this but in those times, it was needs must!

In my journey of business (it's been short so far), I've watched a lot of mumpreneurs, followed them on social media and listened to them speak and I've noticed something that confuses me. I know that a lot of them have help, whether it be a childminder, au pair etc but no-one mentions it! It creates this illusion that as mothers, we need to have it all together - run the business, mind children, cook, clean etc. Can I just take a moment to say: I don't have it all together! There is no way I could run my business and hold my house together without help! 

I have definitely called on babysitters when I needed to get some headspace to get work done. I would go insane without good people around me to help in times of need. 

The point of this post is to make sure that no-one is under the illusion that I, for one, have it all together 😂I need babysitters from time to time! I set up this business to help people. To help families when they need time out. So far, we're achieving that! And I'm hoping for lots more of that in 2020, mainly for me!!! 😂