Welcome To LittleSitters!

Hi, I'm Claire and I started Little Sitters because finding a babysitter is far from child's play. And that's the problem!

Little Sitters isn't just a new way of instantly booking a babysitter, it's about booking a babysitter that you can trust will engage and interact with your kids. All our sitters pass through a thorough vetting process, are passionate about early years care, and come fully equipped with a Mary-Poppins-style bag of sensory goodies.

Our sitters have access to exclusive Little Sitters training that allows them to explore and develop their passion for early childhood play and imagination.

I believe looking after children should be more than just making sure your children aren't painting the walls and feeding Smarties to the DVD player. It should be an enriching experience for the child that enhances their day and inspires their mind. It should also remove the guilt parents often feel when hiring someone to look after their children so they can take some much needed time for themselves. We interview all our prospective sitters, and hire fewer than 60% of applicants, ensuring only the most passionate are on our directory.